Faster, alone. Farther, being accompanied. Safer, with your Insurance Brokerage.

This summer you are going on a trip abroad and you have read that in many countries they ask for Travel Insurance, especially after the pandemic, and other countries recommend it. Our Brokerage would like you to know that it is fundamental. Have a wonderful time and experience while travelling. But do it safely and be protected.

These are the ESSENTIAL guarantees. You should always travel with them for your safety:

  • Medical coverage. It must be taken into account that, in many regions, hospitalization or medical treatment costs are very high due to their private health policies. Therefore, it is appropriate for the policy to cover the following situations:
    • Illness or accident.
    • Extension of stay and repatriation.
    • Displacement and accommodation of a person accompanying the insured.
    • Transportation or repatriation of the deceased and their companions.
    • Early return of the insured due to the death or hospitalization of a family member or a serious accident at their habitual residence, as well as any other exceptional situation.
  • Medical Transportation Assistance (known by its Spanish initials as TAM) depends on the country you will visit and the injury or illness you have suffered. You must be properly transported to the health centre that can optimally attend to the emergency situation.
  • Civil Liability. Whether due to accident or mistake, every action has its consequences. You do not want to pay a big chunk of change out of pocket for a “mishap”. The CL will be responsible for compensating third parties involved in an action for which you are responsible.


And we also recommend protecting your financial situation :

  • Cancellation. Something comes up that prevents you from going on your trip. Having cancellation coverage that will refund the amount will allow you to at least schedule another vacation. Or at least be able to replace it with another whim.
  • Luggage theft or loss. Your possessions are yours. Arriving at your destination and not having them can create a serious inconvenience for you, whether because you don’t have extra clothes to change into, your comfortable shoes to walk around in, or you are missing your toiletries bag with your contact lenses and spare glasses. Or, because on your return, your camera with all photos with memories has disappeared or gotten stolen, along with memory cards.

Visit us and we will carry out a study according to your needs. We search, find and hire exactly what you need before embarking on any adventure.