File a complaint! If the bank makes you believe that it is mandatory to take out more expensive insurance

This happened to 3 out of 4 clients when requesting a loan from the bank. That trustworthy bank where we keep our savings; the one who helps us when we need money. The director approves the operation and, before signing, informs us that he can improve the terms. We would only have to hire Life Insurance linked to the mortgage loan so that the insurer pays the pending funds if a misfortune occurs, as well as Home Insurance.

The bank makes us believe that it is mandatory to take out insurance with them, which is a lie. We have shown cases where the bank charges you up to 79% more than any company on the market. Normally, this includes extra coverage that you do not really need and often for wildly exorbitant capital that is not regulated subsequently.

Ask us and do not accept it! Many of these abusive banking practices have already been reported by Professional Colleges and Organizations, Consumer Associations and other institutions. Some financial entities have also been denounced for linking the pandemic’s ICO loans with other insurance.

Review and contact us. We know how to help you.