Finding Meaning in Every Day: The Importance of Insuring Your Life

Imagine for a moment that you were asked a question as profound as it was challenging: “Why don’t you decide to live instead of giving up?” This was the question that psychiatrist Victor Frankl asked his patients on their first day of therapy. Frankl, who survived two Nazi concentration camps, dedicated his life to exploring “man’s search for meaning.”

Science supports the idea that people who find purpose in their lives tend to enjoy better health and live longer. But how is that purpose built?

The Japanese have an answer for this: “ikigai”, which translates as “life worth living.” The concept of ikigai is based on four key elements:

Do what you love: Find your passion.

Help others: Define your mission.

Apply your talents: Recognize what you do well.

What you are paid for: Identify your profession.

By insuring your life, you can continue on your way with peace of mind.

Insuring our path and protecting our loved ones through Life Insurance is an act of responsibility and love. Life is unpredictable, and taking steps to ensure the financial security of those we love is essential.

We never know when or how that moment will come, but here, at your Insurance Brokerage, we work with experts who will help you find the right coverage, the most suitable renewal conditions and a price that fits your budget.

Remember the story of Jack O’Neill, whose life revolved around his passion: surfing. His personal “ikigai” led him to invent neoprene, a garment that kept his body warm all the time.

So, have you already discovered your life purpose? Exploring this question can be an exciting and rewarding journey! Not only does it help you find meaning in each day, but it also gives you the opportunity to live a life truly worth living.