From head to toe

Did you know that you cannot drive with any of this clothing because you could get a €200 fine? The Highway Code requires you to “maintain freedom of movement” behind the wheel.

When you get in the car on a cold morning, turn on the heating and wait for it to reach 20º. A thick coat on the driver or on the children in the seat will limit your movements. However, it is also more dangerous. A baby with a coat on is not so well secured in their car seat. Without the coat, fasten their belt and put a blanket on top.

But what about gloves? The fabric of some gloves will slip when you take the wheel and you generally lose sensitivity in your hands when driving your car and controlling the dashboard. According to the Spanish Traffic Authority (DG, the same thing happens with thick-soled shoes. You don’t feel the pedals the same way and you don’t control your tread as well.

Freedom of movement, ensuring the field of vision and common sense will not only prevent you from being fined, but you will protect your life, that of your loved ones and that of others.