From sufferer to sage in 3 minutes

A Tibetan lama says: “Fools suffer from problems, clever people solve problems, and wise people prevent problems.”

Fear of dying or fear of living? We don’t know when, but, even if we turn the other way, “no one will get out of here alive.” We are afraid of illness, old age, and losing our loved ones.

We cling to attachments that do not belong to us, that are ephemeral. Parents, partner, children… they are not our property and we must accept them as they are.

We look in the rear-view mirror of the past and believe that the best is yet to come. Why do you get up every morning? To fulfil your dreams. Life is a gift that we must make the most of here and now. When we live in the best way possible, we turn the simplest act into a work of art. Enjoy every day, make every minute with loved ones memorable.

On your journey, you will go through curves and steep hills. You will slow down and also speed up. It is up to you to choose a path of fulfilment.

How is the glass of your life: half full or half empty? I prefer half empty having enjoyed what I have drunk and prepared to taste what is missing.

Buddhists speak of karma, the law of action and reaction: good begets good. They believe in serving people.

What better act of love for your family than to take away from them a burden and leave your funeral expenses settled? Funeral Insurance tailored to you will take care of the uncomfortable expenses and procedures while the family fulfils your last wishes. They will be grateful to you for relieving their pain and their pocketbook. The maxim of a free life is a free death: free to live, free to die.

In Mafalda, Carlitos reflects:

  • One day we will all be dead. – Snoopy.
  • True, but not any other day. – Carlitos.

Make the most of them!