Full! All campers are rented out already

This summer of “new normal” trailers, motorhomes and camper vans are a highly sought-after option. You take your home with you and you travel around whenever, wherever, and with whomever you like. You can rent, buy or even camperize your van

The space is small, but with some comforts that make it home. There’s a stove and portable fridge, your kitchen, mattress, and bedroom are there and hopefully it is modular, giving you a sofa. You already have the living room. The bathroom can be a luxury but not impossible, nor indispensable… And you can travel marking your routes and times, closer or farther away… you decide at any time.

But you should know that trailers must be insuredYou must park in trailer campsites or areas designed for its parking in order for the insurance to be valid. It also protects them while on the go and in the garage.

The guarantees include all the usual risks of a car and many extras: fires due to domestic accidents, broken skylight or hitting branches at the camping facility, vandalism and damage from rain, hurricane force winds or landslides.