Glup! Grapes at Christmastime? But what if I choke?

Christmastime means decorating with Christmas lights, nativity scenes, Santa Claus and the Magi arrive, scented candles, toys (highest level approved)…This is the time when 3 out of 10 domestic accidents occur. The most common domestic accidents are: food poisoning (17%), choking on food (16.5%), domestic violence (unfortunately, this represents 15% of injuries), burns from firecrackers (14%) and falls while home decorating (13%).

The kitchen, bathroom and stairs turn into dangerous places. Face incidents calmly by applying the P.A.S. protocol. (Protect, Alert and Save).

With grapes, don’t laugh about it being so bad. Just cough!

Choking causes difficulties breathing and coughing. Coughing helps us expel food. Call 112 immediately and apply the Heimlich manoeuvre. Tightly hold the patient below the armpits and push with the fist up on the upper part of the stomach.

If there is food poisoning (overripe shrimp, mayonnaise, etc.), drink liquids in small sips to avoid dehydration (fruit juice, broth or drinks without caffeine). You will have already noticed nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or fever.


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