He who drives does not drink, he who drinks does not drive

“I have a car, but my friends don’t, and we do ‘roll around’ with mine. Every time we travel around, we choose one of us who will not drink. He is responsible for driving when I feel sick or tired… On long trips, we take turns. Is this legal?”

Response from your broker

Certainly, as long as your car is insured and with the approved ITV. The DGT (Spanish General Directorate of Traffic) accepts the “occasional driver” (better him than someone who had 3 drinks). If you are going to drive a vehicle frequently and it is not yours, it is recommended that you register as an “occasional driver”. In addition, we must take into account the age of the drivers, as there are exclusions for those under 25 years of age, in which case they would have to be declared in the policy. Come to our offices and we will review it.