Health…”without you, I have nothing”

How old are you? In a relationship? Single? Have a family? How much do you earn? Considering this, which health insurance do you need?

Our brokerage would advise you that it depends. No products are the same and that’s certainly true for people and needs as well! We have three recommended options.

“Singles” package

If you want to avoid waiting lists at Social Security, basic insurance with specialists and diagnostic tests fits your goals perfectly.

For families

You protect your family that needs general medicine, special care, diagnoses, emergency care or hospitalization. You can choose between the best medical centres in Spain.

All inclusive

Everyone will receive complete health care whenever and wherever you want, without extra payments, for a monthly fee. If it suits you, other benefits can be included, such as dental, a second medical opinion and travel assistance.

Free benefits

Health insurance gives you benefits that do not cost anything. For example, preventive medicine costs €0: check-ups, mammograms, prostate tests, colonoscopies, cholesterol tests, vaccines, and more.

And, above all, the peace of mind of knowing that you will have your health and medical assistance insured and with no waiting.