Hey, does your car need a Green Card?

Let’s go through this in sections…

Actually, we are talking about the International Certificate of Insurance (ICS), formerly known as the Green Card. When you are outside of Spain, this is the document that certifies that your car is insured with compulsory Civil Liability coverage. It covers personal and material damage that you might cause. Accidents are always disturbing and overseas, much more.

So when you travel outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we recommend that you keep the ICS in your glove compartment. This document is issued by your insurance company, and our brokerage only requires you to notify us in order to manage it. However, you need to know that insurance companies are not required to provide this Certificate as not all of them accept this coverage outside the EEA. Then what?

Don’t worry, there is Border Insurance

This is a temporary insurance that covers mandatory civil liability against third parties, allowing you to drive, insured by the country that requested it. It does not cover damage or assistance, and it does not cover legal defence.

It is acquired when we visit a country outside the EEA with our vehicle, as long as we do not have the ICS. One of the destinations where it is most used is Morocco. You can find information on how to get Border Insurance through the “National Insurance Offices” (Ofesauto) of the country where you travel.

Hopefully, this never happens. But if you do have an accident abroad, take photos with your mobile phone, fill out the accident report and if things are getting complicated, call the police, and, if applicable, 112, which is the emergency telephone number throughout the European Union.

If you are thinking of travelling abroad, contact us and we will handle all your concerns.