Hey, hey… Now school is safe

If instead of children they were lizard tails, they would climb the bars, climb walls and show courage by launching themselves anywhere that contains only a bit of adventure. The playground is the school amusement park where the most mishaps occur.

For this reason, since 1953 Spain has had “Compulsory School Insurance” and it includes accidents, illnesses and family misfortunes among its guarantees. However, it is a product with important limitations and does not cover the entire school population. From the outset, the littlest ones are excluded, since it is only compulsory for third and fourth year ESO, High School, Vocational Training and university students up to 28 years of age. Students in higher music and dance courses also enjoy this protection.

For this reason, the AMPAS (parents association in Spain), the management of many educational centres and some supplier companies hire private insurance to expand the risks and provide coverage for schoolchildren who are not covered by compulsory protection.

Hard-working centres do their homework

Of course study centres are the first to realise that compulsory insurance is insufficient, which is why they hire additional insurance in the event of any accident at their facilities, both for students and teachers, or under the tutelage of the teacher (for example, a school outing), civil liability, damage to their own facilities, legal responsibility for management, etc…

And what about bullying…?

Bullying is an injury to the person (with repeated verbal or physical threats that distress the victim) and may or may not be covered by Civil Liability, which along with damage coverage pertains to the family of Insurance for Educational Centres. We will always recommend that this is fully covered.

Centres that always get good grades recommend parents continuous study insurance. It will pay for children’s studies until they pass high school or university due to disability or death of the head of the family.

Approved with flying colours!