High season is starting for accidents and robberies

Many families have started to go on vacation and do not want any worries, especially after being confined for so long. We have been asked what the most common problems in summer are: health, accidents and home robberies top the list

In addition to having the best ‘medicine for fear’ or insurance, there is the additional concern of Covid19, which has come to stay and we must now adapt to it.

Insurance protects you from shocks and unforeseen expenses. It is now also very important to prevent so that the worst does not happen.

We start with your vehicle. Carry out a review before the trip and check that you have the help hotline number in case we are stuck or in an accident.

You have already taken care of the hotel, suitcases, travel, and everything. Relaxation of vacation routines changes our eating habits, excursions and doing activities that we are not used to. Travel Assistance insurance will take care of medical expenses or transport of the patient and companions, or it will alleviate our bad mood by compensating lost luggage and we will be appreciative of the trip cancellation payment.

Is my Life insurance current? If you have questions, ask us and we will work it out. We review everything with you and update your Life insurance to adapt it to your family and work situation and we ensure that it covers Covid.

We are nobody without our health. Remember to bring along your Social Security health card and your private health card. There are specialists and medical centres around the world. Call us before leaving if you are uncertain about your destination.

Your home: be sure you paid your Home Insurance, so you are not impacted if you are a victim of one of the 25,000 robberies that take place this summer.

OK. We have summer insurance in check, right? It’s better if we don’t use it. It’s a sign that everything went well.