Holidays at sea. Or at the community pool.

The important thing is to disconnect from everything. This year, Victoria and her family will not be able to take a few days of vacation at the beach. So they have organized themselves to make the most of their days off. They will enjoy their days off in the estate’s common areas. It is a large development with four apartment towers and a community pool, multi-use sports court including basketball, tennis and soccer courts. They need to schedule a time slot to use these courts There is also a picnic area for some snacks. And of course, a small park. Everyone has the right to have a good time and play. Some games in the morning with the first floor community members, games in the pool and park with the little ones, and at night going for tapas with fifth floor community members. But remember:

He who plays with fire gets burned

Protect yourself from sunburn and possible sunstroke. Be careful around water in order to avoid slips, cuts, and bumps. A bad jump into the pool can lead to trauma. A rough game, a simple cramp or a digestion cut could lead to drowning.

Who is responsible?

Community pools will handle water quality. They will establish rules of use and a public and visible schedule. It will also be necessary to have a technical person in first aid and rescue depending on the size.

However, if an accident occurs and it is not personal negligence, the responsibility falls on the community members. There are insurance packages for Community Pools and Community insurance packages that include them.

Ask us and we will review your Community policy.