“I am not saying goodbye, but ‘With you forever!’”

Life is a gift that one day ends for you and for those we love. Death is part of life. Life issues are resolved in the present without leaving pending issues that will overwhelm us at the end of the road.


Our loved ones remain by our side for as long as we remember them. Do not forget them.


In 2225 BC, the Egyptians believed that the soul was infinite and would seek another body when it died. They guaranteed the transit from this world to the hereafter without creating debt for their families. They calculated the price of dying and began to pay the mummy insurance fee, in Spain called Funeral insurance. Today we consider it a final gesture of love towards those who remain, saving them money, but above all avoiding frustrating and long bureaucratic procedures in such a painful moment.


Before hiring it, we will analyse your family and personal situation. We can modify the coverage at any time and we will customize it to cover what you want.


“Love and death bet on being strong; love fought well, but death won.”