I need a lawyer: Navigating legal waters

Often, the challenges we face require an expert who can advise us, defend us and complain on our behalf. This “facilitator” is the lawyer, a crucial ally in moments where important decisions are at stake.

Imagine a scenario where you collide with another vehicle and fault seems unclear. A Friendly Party might be enough, but in case of disagreement, you need someone to firmly protect your interests.

That’s where Legal Defence Insurance comes in. It can be part of your Car or Home Insurance or a stand-alone policy. Although its importance is often underestimated, consider this: Spanish families invest 2.2 billion Euros annually in legal and accounting services. Having a lawyer is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Better an agreement than a lawsuit

Lawyers often say this, and for good reason. Everyday situations can trigger unexpected legal needs. From a neighbour demanding civil liability for accidental damage to labour disputes after a medical leave, or even problems with online purchases and bullying situations.

Solid Legal Defence Insurance will help you untangle these legal entanglements, maintaining your peace of mind without financial burdens. Legal matters are too critical to be entrusted to inexperience.