“I wanted to save on a few licenses for my company… I didn’t know what I was getting into, literally”

And Pedro, the company director, thereby came up with what seemed like a brilliant idea, to save on paying licenses for several computer programs on various office computers.

When free is expensive…

He needed to prepare some documents in other languages and so used a free and unofficial translation app. He copied and pasted a contract with personal and bank details. He obtained the translation and was sanctioned by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Eva was preparing the launch of a new company product, and for this she had to send an article with a very large video that was uploaded to the cloud. She converted it into a PDF in the cloud, including her clients’ agenda. The platform experienced a security breach and she almost lost the job.

And then there is Leonardo. Leonardo is a dentist and works with a shared calendar that all his patients have read accidentally. Leonardo doesn’t realize that even Google is in breach of European data management regulations (although Google has committed to becoming compliant by the end of 2023).

And then…

Leonardo created a very serious problem for himself because health data is highly sensitive. Luckily they had Cyber insurance that provided Legal Defence and handled his Civil Liability. Without it, he would have had to pay the victims and, perhaps, would have gone bankrupt.

Today the internet connects us to all corners of the world and, in turn, opens our devices (computer, phone, tablet) to all manner of thugs. For this reason, Cyber insurance is the best antivirus for your company. Never forget!