Insurance doesn’t cover responsible parties, does it?

You pick up the children from school and you are in a hurry to get home because you have to go back to the office. You are driving even though there is too much traffic and you miss a Give Way sign. You crash… Your younger son breaks his leg, you break your ribs… Fortunately, the older son only suffers a slight concussion, but you must take X-rays… Well…

You arrive at the hospital. Social Security will assist you along with those affected. But it will bill your insurance. It’s awful! Your Third-Party insurance does not cover the driver who is responsible for the accident.

Who pays for my healthcare expenses? Even if you are culpable and they told you there that it did not cover you…

Problem solved: include the Driver’s Guarantee.

This coverage handles medical health expenses, death and disability of both the main driver and occasional drivers. It is very important that you include anyone under the age of 25 who may drive your car, even occasionally. If they are not declared, the policy will not provide compensation.

For company vehicles, truck and car fleets (used by any company’s workforce) this guarantee is very interesting. Be protected without worrying about who is responsible.