Live Fully: A Look at Manolo’s Life

Mark Twain used to say: “A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any moment.” Life is full of unexpected moments. It is vital to embrace all of them. Manolo is a clear example of this.

An Unbreakable Spirit

Manolo, at 76 years old, is a testament to what it means to live fully. Affectionately called “crazy” by his friends, each year he sets and accomplishes a new goal. Whether playing tennis or cycling with his club, Manolo finds joy and purpose in every moment.

A road accident once put him out of work for three months. Since he was prepared, he was able to focus on his recovery and not worry about other issues. This let him return to his active lifestyle as soon as possible.

A Partner in Adventure

He is not alone on his journey. His wife, grandma Juani, is the pillar of the family. With an astute financial outlook, Juani has always emphasized the importance of planning. “Wrap things up and keep them wrapped up” is her motto. They have navigated life together, making sure their family is taken care of, not only emotionally but also practically.

Reflections on Life

Shortly before his death, Oliver Sacks said: “The feeling that predominates inside me is gratitude. I have loved and been loved; I have received a lot and I have given in return what I could.” Like Sacks, Manolo and Juani share this feeling of gratitude, making the most of each day, regardless of what tomorrow may bring.

The Silent Companion: Insurance Protection

As Insurance Brokers, over the years we have had the privilege of accompanying Manolo and Juani on their journey. We have analysed their needs together at every stage of their lives and made sure they were supported by the right solutions. From Life and Accident Insurance that gave them the peace of mind of knowing that they were covered in critical moments, to Death Insurance that gives them certainty that their family will be taken care of even when they are no longer there.

Manolo and Juani’s journey is a testimony of how, with passion for life and adequate protection, you can live fully and with no regrets. And that is exactly what we seek for all of our clients: a life lived to the fullest, with the assurance that they are supported every step of the way.


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