Live without ties

I propose a philosophy lesson with Seneca, “the Stoic”, who was a wealthy and wise Cordovan who triumphed and committed suicide in Rome to oppose the “evil” Nero.

“Why do you waste your time on the one thing you should be stingy about?” Time is the most valuable possession we have. But we spend our lives being busy doing nothing. We never think about the end, although we live as if we are immortal.

One day you may lose your autonomy and need the help of others. The Dependency Law recognizes this right but its support always falls short and arrives late (6 months later). And it generally represents an exorbitant expense for most families.

The Insurance Sector solves this problem with Dependency Insurance, which involves paying compensation in the form of income or capital. It can be received in a single payment or with a lifetime salary (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Seneca would recommend that you contract such insurance right away. “Fortune has a habit of behaving as she pleases” and she can give you a scare whenever she likes. The time to take out insurance is before anything happens to you. Best conditions are obtained between ages 30 and 40.

If you prefer, the insurer will send someone to your home to help with daily tasks: physical care, cleaning, medical support and assistance and overnight observation.

Trust us, this is important. We live dependent on our mobile phone, the news, work, social commitments… And when we review our activities at the end of the day, our balance is deficient. “A worried person cannot perform any activity successfully.” Learn to say NO and focus on living fully, it’s what really matters to you.