Mom, work calmly; Clara plays happily in the nursery

“Mom says we’ve enjoyed maternity leave to the fullest. Now it’s time to go back to work and I’ll go to day care. I’m going to meet a lot of new friends.”

Do you think she will work calmly? Of course! She is an organised mom. And Clara will learn by having fun together with her classmates, sharing, eating alone, being self-sufficient. A nursery must be well covered, to protect and be prevented from any incident, accident or claim. Therefore, they must have Civil Liability Insurance that covers their activity, in addition to Accident Insurance for children, as well as Health Assistance. You must also have Damage Insurance that covers the facilities, and of course, Accident Insurance Agreement that protects the workforce.

In addition, Clara’s mother had contracted good Health Insurance. Clara had already used it even before she was born: because mother had chosen to take her pregnancy to her usual gynaecologist, who is on the medical chart. Clara was born in that same hospital and assisted by the same gynaecologist, performing her obstetrics functions, so the little girl would be protected by the same Health Insurance, both at birth and for her first days of life. Mum included Clara in her Insurance immediately. Now they have also chosen their Paediatric Specialist, so little Clara’s health will always be checked and taken care of by the same person, Alicia, who over the years has become another family friend.