“Neither wedding without music, nor death without tears”

We had been imagining our wedding since we made the decision to get married: location, gifts, menu, party, guests… “That many?”, “Yes, that many. I don’t want anyone to miss such a special day”. Last year we had invested our time and money towards organizing it, we were making reality what we had imagined one day. So we booked into my town’s old City Hall. My friend Lolo’s father, lifelong town councillor, and someone who witnessed us grow up, would marry us. The last thing before retiring from office.

We had reserved one of the rooms for the banquet and then we would go to the gardens to dance. We also had a 10-day honeymoon scheduled in Burma.

March 14 arrived and with it a state of alarm that forced confinement. Covid19 began to strike and it touched all of us, one way or another. Our wedding was not held. We had two options, cancel or postpone. We decided to cancel; we just didn’t know when we would be able to hold it properly. And we no longer had a master of ceremonies…

Charles Darwin said, “the species that survives is the one that best adapts to change.” We have to adapt to the new situation. We managed to make the cancellation conditions more flexible. They gave us back the deposit, and they gave us the possibility of a second reservation and they already opened… We cancelled the catering service directly. We like to work with professionals so the Travel Agency, where we contracted the honeymoon package, took care of the cancellation. For the tickets they gave us “vouchers” that we could use within one year. The hotel returned the money paid, albeit with a small cancellation fee. And the gifts for the guests, we can surely deliver them. At a future date.

Now we just hope we can celebrate life, together, at last.