On Leave? Ha, ha, ha… I’m self-employed

Being self-employed, what happens when you stop working? That income is reduced or disappears, even if you have the right to collect Social Security unemployment. I will give you an example.

If you suffer from an illness and you are contributing at the minimum basis, the first month you will receive 60% of your salary and remaining months, 75%. However, you must continue to pay your self-employment fee during the first two monthly payments.

How much do you have left? Can you live on that money? Poorly.

From our point of view, there is only one solution left: contract Sick Leave Insurance that is compatible with Social Security benefits. You will be paid the daily amount that you choose. Our brokerage will analyse your situation and calculate what amount you want or can pay to the insurer in exchange for your sickness or accident benefit.

When you receive it, you must declare it in the income tax as it is taxed as an increase in assets.

We should all allow ourselves to be sick, even the self-employed.

We should all have the right to collect sick leave benefits.

Visit us and decide what money you need to live on in case of sick leave.