Pepe, Paco, Elena and 13 others lying on the road

Pepe is travelling with his wife and two grandchildren. His daughter Elena is following behind with her partner and the twins. His other son, Paco, makes up the last of the family caravan and takes along his in-laws. They will spend this Christmas in the village house. Leaving the highway, 100 meters before entering the roundabout, Pepe brakes abruptly and Elena hits him from behind; his brother Paco also clashes with Elena. In the end, 6 vehicles collide in a chain.

Who pays and who gets paid?

In principle, it is Pepe’s fault, the first driver. Your insurance must assume all personal damages (whether related or not) and material damages of NON-FAMILY MEMBERS. The insurer could open a further investigation and decide. But…

Why doesn’t insurance cover a family accident?

To prevent fraud attempts. For relatives it is very easy to agree to a plot and collect compensation that will make their car like new.

However, insurance WILL take care of the other cars. However, be careful!

Not all Travel Assistance insurance is the same

It can cover almost any unforeseen event: breakdowns, on-site repair, towing, alternative transportation, hotel accommodation, delivery of spare parts, medical expenses, repatriation, and international travel assistance.

But each insurance plan and coverage sets its exceptions. For example, some may offer a tow truck from Kilometre 0 and others may not. The coverage may be only in Europe or international. It may or may not provide you with a replacement car. You simply have to make sure that such coverage is actually hired. We also would like you to know that, in case you need a tow truck and transport, you should only take the one sent by your insurer because other companies may not be covered. ALWAYS CARRY TRAVEL ASSISTANCE TELEPHONE NUMBER. We will provide it to you when taking out the policy. Save it on your mobile phone and write it down in your documentation.

Travel assistance is essential if you want to finish your trip safe and sound without paying more. If you don’t know how to acquire it: CALL US.