Pepe Pescadero: “Closed shops don’t sell anything”

“The survival instinct told me: Pepe, you have to move forward by sharpening your wits and making more of an effort. If the small business rebellion needs to be carried out, then so be it!”

They did not know it. But to get ahead, Pepe Pescadero and Manoli Chavalines applied the technique of the successful and resilient merchant. They heard bad news, they lived with uncertainty, the cashbox was empty… They were afraid, but they did not panic. They remained calm. Like so many other small businesses, they took pencil and paper and jotted accounts. They reduced expenses, negotiated payments with suppliers and launched promotions. The rewards were more loyal customers.

The shopkeepers are the eyes of the street, they are concerned about us. They are people you can buy from week after week. They offer you good products because they know you will come back. They do not deceive you. That is why we trust them.

The insurance sector wants you to continue serving us as well as it has done up to now. For this reason, we indemnify all your risks: fires, thefts, water leaks, broken glass and signs, atmospheric damage, damage to electronic equipment…

We also cover cosmetic damage to the structure and interior of your business (walls, furniture, decoration, machinery). We enable 24-hour service with quick handling by professionals (plumber, electrician, locksmith…) and surveillance (for thefts and looting).

Small merchants are disciplined and attentive to us, their customers. They send us this message:

“It is time to give THANKS for the loyalty of our customers, word of mouth and the work of those at home, from those of us who make our living from this business. These are not easy times, but it is a pleasure to see you walk through the door every day.”