Prepared for death, protected for life

Maria never went to a school for millionaires, but she knew how to make a living as a cook and raise 3 children. At the age of 54, she suffered serious injuries to both arms that prevented her from lifting weight. Doctors took her out of the restaurant kitchen. And the INSS (Spanish National Social Security Institute) granted her Absolute Permanent Disability.

From now on, she would need to make ends meet with a non-contributory pension of 55% of her salary. María came to our brokerage desperate. She wanted to review the Life Insurance that we contracted when she gave birth to her third child. Bingo! It included compensation for Disability.

We prepared the insurance application, medical reports and the INSS resolution and, in 40 days, she received the money. She could now maintain her usual standard of living.

“Why do I want arms if I have wings to fly”

With her financial situation resolved, Maria fell into a depression. Her children Pedro, Isa and Carlos decided they would not leave her alone. They accompanied her for walks, to prepare food and to the psychologist. They love their mother very much and they showed it to her.

Together, they helped her accept her new situation as a challenge. People are capable of adapting and overcoming any obstacle and María understood this.

Three months later she started jogging four times a week with 2 male friends and 1 female friend.

On Wednesdays, she gives free advice on traditional cooking and how to cook so as not to throw away food at her local Neighbourhood Association.

Tranquillity has taken its place, she knows that she is cared for and protected. She has her Life Insurance, has collected her Compensation for Professional Disability, which has helped her to sort out her financial situation, which would have been very precarious if she had not had that insured capital, and the rest of the capital remains to take care of her family when she has passed away.