RED ALERT: Let’s Stop with FIRES!

It is a responsibility where we must all work together, because fires are caused by humans in 96% of cases and are mostly set on purpose.

The pernicious “fire triangle” is due to three elements: heat (abundant in Spain), fuel (trees and undergrowth) and an oxidizer (typically oxygen).

Negligence: throwing a cigarette butt on the ground. Accident: an uncontrolled stubble burning. And climate change: a natural cause that leads to a dry and flammable landscape.

To alter the behaviour of forest fires, we need to clear the bushes, and abandoned crop fields and protected areas must be cleared. Specifically lands abandoned by their owners.

“Fire extinguisher” insurance

Preventing large fires costs €2,000 per hectare and putting them out costs €19,000. We would like to invite you to make a commitment to nature. You only must protect your company, house, loved ones, and your land. When we are covered and a natural disaster occurs, insurance injects reconstruction funds.

Perhaps we do not pay it any mind, but behind each Car, Home, Crop insurance… there is a small amount with which the Spanish Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros provides compensation for damages. Therefore, living a worry-free life is not expensive. Get insured!