Reunions and homecomings

“We don’t want to lose contact after all the adventures we went through and shared during our college years, so 20 years later we still meet up, and now with our sons and daughters.

This year, and after having skipped over the confinement year, we went to some rural houses in the mountains. A great weekend, laughs, games and memories. We made the most of it. But it was time to go home.

After entering the village roadway, a neighbouring car ran through a stop sign… wham! It hit me head-on, with smoke coming out of the engine! I parked properly and turned off the car. I called Roadside Assistance. In just forty minutes, and taking into account that we were in the middle of the Sierra, the tow truck and the taxi arrived, taking my son and me home.

Thanks to the staff at my brokerage, humane and empathetic, I expanded Roadside Assistance: to km 0 and I also included a replacement vehicle. You can be five kilometres from home, just when you go to work or shop. But what if you are 300 km away in the middle of a mountain range? The taxi picked us up and took us to our front door. Later, my insurer provided me with a replacement car since the tow truck service, when the problem occurs at more than 150 km, has a different action protocol and it may take 3-15 days to return your vehicle.

In my case, my broker saved me. He knows me, he knows that I live in the countryside and I have to travel daily to work and take our child to school, so I have looked for the car insurance that best suited my situation and includes a replacement vehicle.”

Four million drivers will need roadside assistance this year. Check your insurance so you don’t get stranded.