“Road, you have left us broken with pain”

We found you, or you found us, and we adopted you. The best cat in the world, your human brother used to say. Our family already consisted of two other dogs and another cat. So after a period of adaptation, everything went from strength to strength. Our family was complete.

And for the love we have for you, and in gratitude for the love you have for us. We take care of you, and we take good care of you. How? Affection, cosy beds, fresh water, and food, that luxury that you like so much. Walks, long walks, races, games and pampering. But also, we have our Pet Insurance. Why? Because there are misfortunes, misfortunes that break us, a tragedy and you’re gone. Insurance that protects you with your veterinary service, funeral expenses and also CL.

That CL that the dog that took your life does not have, and that now its owner will have to fully assume.