Santa Claus is self-employed

Santa Claus travels all over the world to deliver gifts to everyone, but only if you have behaved well. We think he only works one night a year. It is not like that. He shows in one night all the work that has been done throughout the year. Santa Claus is a self-employed worker, and has contracted Accident Insurance for him and his workers the elves, as well as Civil Liability for possible if he is wrong or does not fulfil his many commitments.

He is very worried about sick leave in case he falls down a chimney and cannot get back on his sleigh, even if he dies from a heart attack, because we cannot deny that the logistics of being Santa Claus is very stressful. Thanks to her Life Insurance Mama Noel will receive the compensation.

Obviously not all of us will fall from the sled. But we can be run over in a crosswalk, have a heart attack, or break a leg while hiking through the mountains around us, and this will prevent us from continuing with our professional activity. Good Insurance is your best companion and we, as Insurance Brokers, help you choose the most suitable for you without paying more for what you do NOT need and guaranteeing that you DO have what you need.