Scammer, there is no forgiveness for you

Lying is not funny as a rule and specifically in defrauding insurance, either by hiding information or providing it erroneously, simulating a claim that never happened, exaggerating damage or causing an accident.

Four fruit and vegetable businesspeople claimed 2 million euros for a refrigeration failure. A doctor falsified operations for hemorrhoids and anal fissures. A Spaniard faked his death in Colombia. And they all acted to obtain compensation by defrauding their Insurance.

The Insurance Sector invests a lot of resources in catching cheaters. They even expose the most outlandish scams in the Annual Fraud Detection Contest. For every €1 invested they recover €48.10 defrauded, and depending on the branch this figure can be more than triple

And what can happen to you if you are caught cheating? You will be left without insurance. But that is the least of it. You also won’t be compensated and will need to cover the costs of the claim (if any) yourself. There will also be potential court costs. And lastly, attempted insurance fraud may be criminal, and that means jail time. And you will be added to a Fraudster File.

Insurance rip-offs hurt us all.