Self-employed worker: Yes! You matter.

72% of people who work as freelancers are afraid of getting sick and having to stop working to recover, not only because of the illness, but also because of the loss of income that it would involve (National Self-Employed Workers Study). If we were on sick leave, most of us would be paid between € 609 and € 708 per month (because 86% of us pay for the minimum basis).

An illness, an accident or sick leave is not compatible with our work. Sarcastic news from the humour bulletin El Mundo Today falls short: “They never get sick. […] Self-employed workers are capable of subsisting without having a regular supply of income and assured food.”

Every time a year ends and a new one begins, it is time to make plans for the 12 months ahead. In the case of self-employed workers, January is the perfect month to review how the previous year has gone and set new goals for the period ahead.

What is clear is that freelancers do not give up easily, so the vast majority of us will continue to fight tooth and nail to keep our businesses. If growth cannot be achieved in 2022, at least we must ensure that within 12 months we can continue to dedicate ourselves to our professional activity.

Risks facing any business activity are too great to be left to the “fine print.” Ask us. We can handle any need, negotiate the most advantageous conditions for your company and be with you constantly when a disaster occurs.