Solar energy is clean, renewable and cheap. What risks should you be insured against?

It’s a fact: Paula has seen how a solar panel lamppost caught fire on its own. Do you have solar panels on the roof of your community building or maybe at your business or home? Excellent decision, but keep in mind that the risk of fire in the batteries or at the facilities also increases.

Solar panels are an expensive investment. They help you save in the long term, but you must protect them. Manufacturers guarantee operating damage and manufacturing defects, but nothing else.

A vicious cycle fueling fire

1.- Poor installation. Everyone wants to do the installation, but many do not have proper training or certification. It is very important that the design and installation is completed by a company or certified installer.

2.- Lack of maintenance. Proper maintenance of your solar panels must have a good annual review of: wiring, connections, inverters, batteries (lead-acid only), voltage and current, screws and earthing.

3.- Difficult access. The installation of solar panels is not always in an easily accessible location to firefighters fighting solar panel fires, who must also be aware of electric shock risks.

Recommendations from your brokerage

Let us know if you are going to install solar panels on the roof of your home in order to include them in your Home Insurance or if they are installed in your neighbourhood association. You may need an exclusive Solar Panel insurance policy. You protect from material damage due to breakage (caused by lightning, hail, wind, etc.) and most importantly, Civil Liability for damages that may be caused if the fire spreads to other properties or estates.

If I already have insurance and install solar panels, will they be included automatically?

No, they will not. Always let our brokerage know so we can review your insurance. Take into consideration that solar panels pose an increased risk of an incident occurring. Don’t risk it.