Spain, the country of wonderful travel: expansive, beautiful, close and diverse

Spain is a tapestry woven with threads of history, legends and diversity. From the desert of Almería, where you can feel like you are in a Western movie, to the wet forests of the north, home of the mythical meigas witches, trasgus goblins and basajaun humanoids. And while many are already preparing for the All Saints’ long weekend, others prefer to immerse themselves in the Halloween celebration.

Trasgus vs insurance… who wins?

In a particularly thick forest, the Manolos, who are four inseparable friends, found themselves lost. The day was dark, and among the trees, a small figure with a distinctive red peaked cap moved quickly. He was a trasgus goblin, and he seemed to have a plan in mind. Just around a bend, the Manolos discovered a trap: the road was covered with sharp stones. Their van skidded, and in a flash, they crashed into a towering tree.

It is in unexpected moments like this, where mythology intertwines with reality, that we remember the importance of being prepared. Fortunately, among the confusion and adrenaline, one of the Manolos remembered his insurance. His cell phone had reception and he quickly called Roadside Assistance. Their foresight guaranteed them help at the accident site: towing, rescue, and roadside assistance so they could continue their journey.

Did the sorgina witches break the car windows?

Yet, sorgina witches, often misinterpreted as malevolent, were actually midwives and healers. Although some still believe in their pranks, Cristina learned that it was not them who broke her car windows, but two mischievous hooligans. Fortunately, your car insurance covered the damage and our brokerage confirmed all your policy’s guarantees.

Just as legends have protected and taught generations, good insurance can protect you and your loved ones on your daily adventures. Therefore, Cristina, when you think about your next trip, remember that with good car insurance and travel assistance, your trips will always be well covered. And now… the journey is over.


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