“Sunny sun, warm me up a little”

Spring has arrived with the feel of summer. After a relatively mild winter, discovering the sun again makes us want to take to the streets.

We feel like dressing more lightly and we have even taken out our flip flops. And for this climate, we change our habits. We go to the gym more, we go for walks a lot more, whether in the street, parks or natural places and we like to cool off on the terraces of bars and restaurants. But all this is accompanied by certain “dangers” that the Insurance Sector is no stranger to: colds due to changes in temperature, spring allergies, falls and physical injuries because we are working hard to get into shape, getting food poisoning at restaurants, and other risks.

Faced with this, what can we do?

Health Insurance accompanies you on visits to specialists, whether for a common cold or for suffering from an allergy.

Civil Liability Insurance will protect you against any contingency that you may suffer while enjoying an aperitif on your favourite terrace.

Good Accident Insurance will help you in the event of a bad fall while practicing sport.

Go out, enjoy, make the most of your free time. At our Brokerage we will take care of the rest.