“Tattoos are the stories of your heart, written on your skin”, Charles De Lint

A tattoo is not a current and innovative body decoration element, but rather an ancient practice that has been carried out from multiple cultures and multiple styles and formats. These works of art made on the skin have gone through different stages. In some they have not been well looked at, in others they have been given a magical value. They have also been given a religious use. They have been used as protective elements, and of course storytellers, memory keepers, declarations of intent, tributes and opinions… Even for identification purposes.

Since the end of the 19th century, when the electric tattoo was invented, and new, safer techniques came about, many people decided to give up their skin to this form of art. But within the new techniques and materials that provide this security, there is also protection from the Insurance Sector.

So, tattooist friend, rest assured that we have insurance for “tastes and colours.

  • Professional CL: protects against claims from your clientele for the work carried out directly on them.
  • Exploitation CL: protects against claims that may be filed by third parties, regardless of whether they are customers or not.
  • CL Products: protects against damage caused by the materials and products used, as well as allergies caused by them.

It is very important that you know that the insurance will cover you as long as you comply with current regulations for this type of professional activity, whether you are a self-employed worker or have a tattoo studio as a business

Your skin is the canvas, the machine is the brush, and the one who tattoos is the artist who will do the faithful work.