“The field produces a lot, but the year is very hungry”

The proverb says that “February is crazy. Some days it is very cold and others almost not at all.” Maybe it will hail or freeze, and crops will be ruined. The weather can be a big problem for farmers and the solution is to insure their crops: 1.5 million mishaps handled per year and 750 million in compensation.

Everything you need to know before signing

Anyone who works in agriculture can be insured as an individual or as a company.

How do I hire it?

You can subscribe individually or collectively. An analysis must be carried out to determine what is most suitable for your situation.

What should I do?


  • The production and performance you want to ensure.
  • Risks that the insurance covers.
  • The coverage percent (100% or less).
  • The waiting period (since when your production is covered).

How do I know what to insure?

Specify all the plots that you want to insure.

  1. Exact area, with cadastral references.
  2. Yields, or in other words, average production of recent years.
  3. Prices. The maximum price is set by the Ministry, but you can be insured for less (be careful as this is the amount you receive in compensation).

And don’t wait until your harvest is lost because then there will be no solution.