The most expensive beautiful purple cloak in the world

To attain 1 pure kilo, which costs €10,000, 250,000 flowers are needed. They call it “red gold” and it is highly appreciated for the aroma and flavour it provides in Milanese risotto, Kashmir curry, Valencian paella, in Ciudad Real tojunto stew or the delicious traditional roasted potatoes. It has also been used as a fragrance, as an ink, and even as a drug and aphrodisiac.

By the way, saffron has as many counterfeits as luxury clothing. Do you know how to recognize authentic saffron? The thread is frayed at one end. Smell it and put it on your tongue. Its taste is sweet and bitter at the same time. Fake saffron retains little aroma and flavour.

Arabs introduced saffron to Spain. This country has the best saffron in the world and is the second largest producer worldwide. Hence, it needs to be insured.

This year agricultural subsidies have reached 317.7 million euros. Good insurance prevents losses due to unforeseen weather that could ruin your farm. It guarantees the recovery of your investments and preserves your agricultural business. If you have questions about how to contract it, ask us: we are always on your side.


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