The year of lights

The elves say that, at the end of the year, Santa Claus goes up to heaven in his sleigh and watches the world. From above he sees people as an immense ocean of lights. Each of us shine differently, no two flames are alike. Some are small and sparkling, others are large and fiery, and some flutter in the wind and others stand out for their beautiful colours.

Together we light up life. In the family, at work, during our free time we write our biography. Dare to live each day with an intensity that makes it memorable.

I propose this recipe for future parties:

  • 2 project cups.
  • 1 bottle of friendship.
  • Dress with a splash of generosity.
  • Stir fry with 3 litres of love.

Then cook it in the oven over low heat and serve it fairly and lovingly.

In the New Year, cultivate the art of prudence by anticipating trouble. From our brokerage we will accompany you, protecting your dreams

Merry Christmas!