There are extroverted, rebellious, cunning and sincere insurance policies.

You go back home to your routine after a few days of Christmas break and… Oh no! Did you leave water running or was it the neighbour?

In Spain, there are more than 800 incidents per hour in homes (according to UNESPA figures). Luckily, many of the mishaps are included in the Home insurance that takes care of your house, the largest investment we make in our lives and one of the largest sources of expenses in our economy.

Home insurance, is to protect our economy as much as possible when it suffers a strong impact in relation to a potential loss, but they are also usually the insurance policies that raise the most doubts to consumers, since they have numerous coverages, but also an endless list of limitations that can cause mishaps that we had thought were included in our policy and then it turns out that they are not.

There are many types of insurance: extroverted (a lot of talk and little coverage), rebellious (with exceptional and useless guarantees), cunning (they seem to offer you protection until a mishap occurs) and sincere (precise coverage, serving the real interests for which they were hired

To avoid making the wrong decisions, common sense must be applied: be aware of what we need, what our budget is, and what we are willing to give up and what we are not. That is why we work with you to analyse some of the most significant coverages and, above all, the pros and cons of some of the companies that offer the best home insurance. The perfect policy does not exist, but there is adequate insurance for every need. Therefore, our goal is to choose the one that best meets your needs, fits your budget and has the coverage you really need.

We get your best insurance program so that they have lowest costs, are effective, solid and stable for the future.