They called me from the bank

“The bank called me, they offered me car insurance. That way I have everything lumped together in their insurer. They said I’d have economic advantages, a discount on the premiums of all my insurance policies.

So, I asked them what they would offer for those €5 less for each of the policies. They didn’t know how to answer me.

I have read ‘stories’ about the ‘love ties’ that some people make so that their partners don’t leave them. They haven’t talked to the bank, because that really is a tie, but a tie that works out badly.

I bought my house, with all my hope and joy. It’s where I live with my family. I asked for a mortgage, which was granted, but in exchange for more favourable conditions I had to take out life insurance as well as home insurance. Since I’ve had the mortgage, I’ve had to resort to home Insurance on two occasions, and both times the Insurance did not cover the claims, one for the electrical installation, and the other for the water supply. The insurance company alleged that the supply companies were responsible. With these refusals, I realized that we were 100% unprotected. The people from the bank had ‘conditioned’ me to have the insurance policy with them, but now they’ve neglected to defend my interests. They say it’s not part of their job. They comply with the sales quotas that their entity obligates them to meet, and that’s that. I live in the countryside, it’s a plot with its own supplies, orchard, chickens, fruit trees, and my olive trees. I have a pond, as well as a shed for my tools. All this in addition to my dwelling, i.e., my home. And what do I have covered? Well, it turns out that ‘my friendly bank’ only cares that my house will burn down, and I won’t be able to continue paying the mortgage, whether it’s habitable or not, and if we don’t have running water or electricity for two weeks, they don’t care about the disaster that would imply for my family finances.

I’ve called my Broker, where I have my vehicles well insured, and they know my whole family. I just want to live without any unexpected bumps in the road with insurance that looks out for me and looks after my concerns and problems.

We’ve done our numbers; the bank penalty for changing the home Insurance is completely offset by the security and protection that I’ll have in my house from now on. Now I have everything covered from the entrance to the plot to the last metre of the fence. It’s just that when professional people are really interested in my situation and circumstances, and not their own interests, you can obtain real protection.”

Your broker’s solution:

Luisma told us about his problems, so we reviewed the policies he had taken out through his bank. We did the numbers, the penalty the bank charges for changing the home Insurance policy is completely offset and he now has a safer home. Your house, from the entrance to the last metre of the fence, what’s inside and who lives there are completely protected. Now we are going for life insurance, which will protect the family in case something happens. Yes, the family, and not just the bank, but that’s another story.