This Christmas, rice for everyone

Often our friends, children, and we complain about the difficulties that life gives us. Every year, our office family gets together to enjoy a giant paella. And the “chef” always repeats the same story to us while cooking.

First heat the fire and add 3 essential ingredients: rice, meat (chicken and rabbit) and saffron. When they have boiled and are ready to eat, serve the rice and meat on a plate. He asks us:

  • What do you see?
  • Rice and chicken.

This year, he asked me to come over and taste the rice. It was soft and delicious, absolutely delicious. Then I bit into the chicken that was more consistent and tough, but very tasty. Then I tried a spoon of broth, which was also delicious.

He explained to us that all 3 ingredients had been subjected to the same boiling, yet responded differently. The rice went into the paella pan hard and rough, but it came out soft and easy to chew. The chicken meat arrived delicate and soft, but it was tough after being in the fire. However, the saffron was the most bold: it accepted the cooking and gave the best of itself to the stew, spreading its aroma.

  • When you have a problem, how do you handle it? Are you a grain of rice, seemingly strong but becoming weak at the slightest difficulty? Are you malleable like meat that hardens and becomes insensitive? Or do you behave like saffron? When you boil, and circumstances are adverse, you spread goodness and make us all better.

For the New Year, our brokerage proposes being like saffron for the New Year.

Merry Christmas to everyone!