This is how you travel in summer

Apart from your vehicle’s technical inspection at the mechanic, tires in good condition, and keeping your insurance current, you should take into account these :

  • Keep hydrated, drinking a lot of water, juice or isotonic drinks to avoid falling asleep.
  • Drive with sunglasses (you won’t get a headache) and stop every 2 hours.
  • Keep the air conditioner between 21⁰ and 24⁰ Celsius.
  • The law requires luggage to be stored in the trunk and not loose in the passenger compartment. A 500-gram tablet is transformed into a 28-kilo missile at 60 km/h (the weight is multiplied by 56).
  • Park in the shade. A car in the sun reaches 60⁰ in just a few minutes. Don’t even think about leaving pets or children inside. Before getting in, roll down the windows and turn the AC on full blast.

Have a good trip!