Tick tock, it doesn’t just happen to others, soon it will happen in your house

Let’s see… if in Spain there are four leaks per minute, 1 glass breakage every 26 seconds, 1 theft every 1’19” and 1 fire every 4’50”, how can it be that you still don’t have Home Insurance?

It will pay for the damage you suffer and others that you do not know but that we are going to explain to you.

It helped Carlos to look for evidence to demonstrate cyberbullying at school to his son. For Pepe, the Insurance installed the faucet in the sink with the “Handyman” service, Juanita was reimbursed for the money from a robbery on the street, Miguel was paid for the damages caused by his dog when he crossed the street and caused a car accident (and luckily there were no injuries), Cristina was paid for the excess water consumption when she had a leak in the automatic irrigation of her garden, Juan was given computer assistance to remove a virus on the family computer and set up a parental control tool.

Home Insurance can cover situations that are sometimes unknown by those who hire the policies and as a result, the possibility of demanding certain assistance from insurance companies is wasted.

That is why our advice is so important as insurance experts. We know our clients and we know the contracts (with all their clauses, limitations, rights and obligations) and when the loss occurs, we accompany you constantly to expedite the procedures, deal with the experts or processors to provide the necessary technical arguments for the defence of your interests until their resolution.