To be a first-rate driver… respect

What do you know about changes in the Spanish Traffic Law? You should go over them before going on holiday, because not everything you learned when you got your driving license is still valid.

“New regulations for modern times”

The new times have adapted to technologies such as the use of mobile phones while driving that incur a loss of 6 points. No radar jammers (connected or not) are permitted because that will subtract another 3 points.

There are new regulations for reducing pollution with speed limits in certain areas of cities. The new rules also deal with subjects such as greater safety for people with a ban on parking in bike lanes or cycle paths.

The first-rate driver no longer overtakes so fast

You cannot exceed 20 km/h over the speed limit when overtaking another vehicle on conventional roads. DO NOT throw anything out the window. In addition to protecting the environment, you could cause a fire or an accident; in addition, you can lose 6 points on your licence. When you overtake a bicycle or moped, fully occupy the continuous lane or you could lose 6 points. Driving without a helmet is a 4-point loss. And stop at crosswalks because pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way.

Put on your seat belt and protect children with a restraint system or lose 4 points; it can also save their lives or prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident.

How many points do you have?

You can check them for free via the Spanish Traffic Agency (D.G.T.)

If you lose them and want to recover them, you must wait 2 years without committing infractions.

And when you sit the exam, do not cheat or copy from someone else or you’ll receive a fine of €500 and you won’t be able to reapply for the following 6 months.

Remember, the important thing isn’t the going, it’s arriving and returning.