“True wealth is being the child of good parents,” Juan Luis Vives

We started with two, and then we had three. Surprise! Suddenly and almost without thinking we were five. But our round number is six. Welcome!”

Maribel is a new mother once again. Four wonderful daughters, but no one takes away from the madness that so much mother-child love can entail. Large doses of patience multiplied by infinite love will make everything go well. And since all of us need external help, Maribel has a Health Insurance policy that has accompanied her during all her pregnancies. After each birth, she has included her newborn daughters in this policy, because it is very important to have paediatric care that is personalized, efficient, and effective.

The daughters and the spouse, respectively, are also the beneficiaries of Life Insurance that the parents have taken out. Nothing is ever certain and they want the safest bet for their daughters’ future. And whatever happens, they will have sufficient funds to deal with the new family situation and the family’s financial survival (studies, debt, general expenses, etc.).

But on a day-to-day basis, Home Insurance will take care of the challenges that four daughters may make. These challenges, hopefully not many, are covered by CL.

And with the Car Insurance, they will be protected on all trips, from going to school, to the park or visiting aunts and grandparents in town.

Congratulations Maribel! Take care and enjoy. Our Brokerage makes sure that you are safe.