“Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will stay asleep” – Anatole France

Our dogs ask us daily how much we love them with their wagging tails and looks full of tenderness.

But how do we show them our love? With walks, games and, above all, committing to their well-being. Because if you really love them, you protect them.

Your pet is a member of your home. They share every moment with your family and so they deserve protection like any other loved one. You have Home Insurance that covers Civil Liability, which compensates for damages or injuries that may be caused to third parties. But does this include your faithful friend Pluto?

Does Home Insurance Cover Civil Liability for pets?

It is a common concern our clients have. The answer is yes, but with limitations. Therefore, for comprehensive coverage that includes Civil Liability, veterinary expenses, and extras such as funeral expenses, theft or loss, having Pet Insurance is essential.

This insurance is essential for:

  • Managing veterinary expenses: which can be high if there are accidents or illnesses.
  • Ensuring quality veterinary care: including regular checkups, vaccinations and deworming, which are offered by some of our insurers.
  • Covering liabilities for damages or injuries that your pet may cause to third parties, animals or objects, through Civil Liability Insurance.

Financial and Emotional Peace of Mind

Your relationship with your pet goes beyond company. It is a deep emotional connection. Facing medical situations or emergencies can be a significant financial blow. Pet Insurance gives you the peace of mind to make decisions about their well-being without financial worries.

Caring for an animal transforms lives: it makes us more responsible, empathetic and sociable. A pet raises our self-esteem by accepting us as we are. Protecting it with insurance is a way to return all the love and loyalty they give us.