Vacations and trips: unexpected events in places unknown

What bad luck! I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol, but what a dizzy spell! Daniela’s vision was blurry and she couldn’t walk without help. How could you think of buying “pad thai” in a street stall in Bangkok? 5 days of hospitalization later they came to ask Lucas for payment. The street “pad thai” had barely cost them €2, but the hospital bill added several zeros to the right of this figure. At the front desk they were asked, “Maybe you’d rather have your insurance pick up the bill?”

Yes, the insurance took care of the entire bill. But to give us an idea, an American in Seattle received a bill of $1.2 million after spending two months hospitalized for coronavirus. An operation for appendicitis is on average over €15,000 and if it happens to you in countries with few medical options, your transfer to the most suitable medical centre or to your country if necessary is organized and paid for, in addition to that of your companions with even a medical plane if needed.

Moreover, acquiring travel insurance with cancellation coverage will give you total peace of mind to book your trip knowing that you will recover the money invested whether you have to cancel it for reasons such as health problems or the death of a family member, dismissal from your job or starting a new job, placement exams or duty on polling days, withdrawal of driving license or a high traffic fine.

They also ask us about the “European Health Card” that gives the traveller the right to receive health benefits in the destinations where it is valid: European Economic Area, United Kingdom and Switzerland. But it has its limitations in certain countries and depending on which treatments or medications, you will have to assume a percentage of the expenses derived from health care. Nor does it cover urgent repatriation to the country of origin and trips for sports purposes would not be sufficiently covered with the Health Card. It does not cover certain treatments for sports accidents or search and rescue.

The most important thing is to have insurance that covers YOUR specific needs depending on where, when or through what means. That is why we carry out an analysis for each client and always adapt the best insurance at the best price.