“Volare oh-oh”

The tires don’t touch the asphalt, they float on the water, your car slides, you are flying, how do you drive when you experience hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning is most likely to occur when heavy rain accumulates on the road surface. It can also occur when the asphalt is so uneven that it causes large pools of standing water to form. When tires cannot grip the road properly during hydroplaning, the lack of traction has important consequences for a car’s safety. The driver loses control of the vehicle and is unable to brake, steer or accelerate.

Give your car a good pair of “shoes”: tyres with the correct tread and pressure and, if it’s raining, slow down and extend your braking distance. You also already know that if an accident occurs despite all the precautions, your Travel Assistance Insurance will look after you, so always keep your insurance phone number in your mobile’s agenda