“Waiter… Whaaaat…? Grouper! Grouper?”

And what if I tell you that in Spain we have 100,000 more bars than hospital beds.

That we are the country with the most bars in the world with 277,539.

And that only in the Madrid area between Atocha and Antón Martín are there more restaurants and eateries than in all of Norway.

We like partying, chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and, if it’s on a terrace, that’s even better. The weather and bars guarantee a great time. We had a glass of wine with the owners of “Casa Juan”, “Pedro dígame” and “Consuelo por favor”, whom we have helped with their insurance. And in the Brokerage we remain very relaxed, but they are more so.

Juan says, “our products and our service are first class, and now we know that we are protected against all unexpected events.”

Consuelo tells us that “A customer can slip in the bathroom and fall. Hospitality insurance indemnifies us in the event of these mishaps.”

Pedro goes even further. He believes that insurance “saves us in impossible situations.” One night the power went out and the refrigerated food spoiled. When we opened in the morning everything was working properly, but the cooling process had been interrupted and we didn’t notice. There was a minor outbreak of food poisoning and the claims were dealt with in addition to the cost of the food which we had to remove as soon as we detected the problem. Thanks to our Insurance, which you manage from the Brokerage, you solved the problem immediately and we continue with the lunch and dinner services.”