“Wet or dry for San Lucas be sown”

Sing the Jota of Navarre traditional song:


“¿Por qué vienen tan contentos los labradores?

Que cuando vienen del campo, vienen cantando.

Ya vienen de ver el fruto de sus sudores”.


This autumn we will eat artichokes, thistle, potatoes, peas, garlic …all fresh and from the local garden. For us consumers, it is very easy and cheap to park the shopping cart in the supermarket and fill it up. 1 kilo of onions costs us € 1.04 even though farmers are paid € 0.07 (14 times less). He planted at the end of August and has watered, fertilized, sweated a lot and now he will harvest. He will be happy because the harvest will be abundant. The skies have done their part and have not haunted us with hail.


“There is a friend in me”

Every year, crops face climatic risks, pests, diseases and damage from animals such as moles and wild boars. In Spain, the agricultural sector has the most advanced agricultural insurance in the world. When a crop is ruined, losses may be borne by insurance.

Good insurance will handle claims. In this way, thanks to the insurance sector, the agricultural sector can maintain its revenue, without going bankrupt, and guarantee the continuity of operations. It is important for you to know that our brokerage accompanies you from the moment you walk through the door to study all your options, according to your needs and circumstances, until, in the event of a claim, it is resolved.

As the saying goes, “this October a good vegetable dish should not be missing.”